Creator Economy: Social Monitoring
Predictive Analytics

Improve reach and efficiency for an Influencer Marketing agency that:

  • connects Clients’ with Creators

  • builds compelling campaigns to promote Clients’ products and brands.

The project:

  • Build a platform to monitor the social channels of 100K plus Creators

  • Using social graph and predictive analysis can recommend good Creators for a marketing campaign.     


The benefit:

  • Time saving from automation of core reporting.

  • Increased agency capacity due to number of Creators that the agency can track and recommend.

Data Mapping the Philanthropy Sector
Original Research
AdobeStock_314829742 (1).jpeg

Develop a route map for a shared charities data repository running on common standards:

  • reduce the time and effort to gather and clean data

  • improve data quality for all.

Key stakeholder research revealed numerous challenges including:

  • resource waste via repetitive admin (e.g. grant applications)

  • matching donors with ‘impacts’ and SDG that they want to support

  • format of key data sources, missing data points and interpretation of data.

The outputs of this project will provide efficiency and consistency for those working in the sector and will ultimately enable more resource and donations to reach the intended beneficiaries.

Product Launch: Mapping Customer Experience for a Complex Medical Product
Natural Language Processing

Risk reduction and improved oversight of the customer journey before, during and after the launch of a re-designed medical device in a regulated environment.


Call centre records were analysed for recurrent themes as they developed with different customers during launch phases.

The team were able to:

  • map the different customer / persona journeys to inform activity for future launches

  • investigate and respond to the factors driving callers to contact the company with questions around product supply or use.



FUNDSaiQ: Ethical Fund Performance using AI
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Anomaly Detection

Collaborator Project


The unique data science that underpins the platform starts by finding consistently outperforming managers vs. the best passive funds.


FUNDSaiQ allows you to find and retain the best performing funds in each category, whilst identifying fund managers that also have a high ESG score.


Machine Learning continues to monitor, learn and assess the funds managers performance as the data comes.


Monitoring millions of data points to find unusual activity or insights requires AI.

Anomaly detection identifies unusual, suspicious or out-of-character behaviour. FUNDSaiQ monitors tens of thousands of funds in real-time, to ensure outliers are flagged.

Data Analytics and Value Creation in the Online Video Games Industry
Original Research

Explore how different organisational factors (people, processes, technology) drive business performance and value creation from advanced analytics.


Actionable insights of varying types are the main driver of value delivery in the field of advanced analytics. However, games organisations experience a data use maturity curve as stakeholders:

  • learn to work with data

  • recognise need to improve companywide data literacy

  • encourage early and continual engagement with analytics for value co-creation.

Communication is a big issue with challenges around:

  • defining problems to be solved with analytics.

  • communication of findings to a lay audience, which isn’t helped low levels of data literacy in the wider organisation.